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CAPP Membership Levels


Participant – A Participant is an Emerging Leader in AP ministry or Existing AP Leader who values CAPP but is not yet ready to make full CAPP commitment. Participants gain valuable exposure to the CAPP community, resources, network, and events.

Participant Annual Dues: $100*

*Please contact us for information about Couples' rate.


Partner – A Partner is a member of CAPP Network recognized as an existing apostolic/prophetic leader who is provided a space to develop, contribute and offer expertise in apostolic and prophetic ministry. Partners maintain ongoing involvement with and participate in leading initiatives and receiving specialized support and development for personal leadership growth.

Partner Annual Dues: $200


Ministry Partnership – A Ministerial Partnership provides access to a Senior Pastor or Senior Apostolic and Prophetic Leader of an apostolic or prophetic network. Two additional leaders from the Senior Leader’s team are included in this membership. In addition to receiving all levels of CAPP benefits the Ministerial Partnership membership provides space for guidance and focused mentorship on advance AP ministerial assignments. Another benefit of the Ministerial Partnership is the cross-pollinating with other high-level AP Leaders and encourages unified, multisector action and engagement through a process of advanced coaching and strategic conversations.

Ministry Partnership Annual Dues: $1,500

CAPP Membership Benefits

  • Weekly Prayer Call

  • Access to Members-only Facebook Group 

  • CAPP Learning Resource List (Members-only)

  • Apostolic and Prophetic (AP Assessment Leadership Tools

  • Leadership Role in CAPP Initiatives

  • Discount on PSI courses


All the Participant level benefits, plus the following:

  • Monthly 30-minute Livestream Webinars

  • Access to select CAPP On-Demand Library: Premium Content (coming soon!)

  • Quarterly CAPP Leadership Roundtables: Best Practices

  • Exclusive invitations to other AP networking events

  • Discount on Annual Convergence


All the Participant and Partner level benefits, plus the following:


  • Access to ALL CAPP benefits for 3 existing leaders

  • Monthly AP Mentoring Sessions

  • Group Coaching and feedback on 1 Selected Group AP project (6 months or less)

  • CAPP Leadership Council (Advance Leadership Roundtable for Senior Leaders)

  • Senior Leader Access to Other AP Networks





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