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CAPP Multisector Mentorship Program

This mentorship program aims to empower apostolic and prophetic leaders to be change-makers and influencers in each cultural mountain, bringing Kingdom values and transformation to society.


  1. Develop Kingdom Perspectives: Participants will develop a deep understanding of the Kingdom perspectives and practical theology of engagement for each mountain.

  2. Analyze External Factors: Participants will analyze external factors, including opportunities and challenges, within each mountain's sector.

  3. Craft Effective Strategies: Participants will learn how to craft strategies for engaging and collaborating effectively in diverse situations using apostolic and prophetic leadership skills.

  4. Reflect and Improve: Participants will engage in self-reflection to identify areas of improvement in their leadership style and formulate plans to enhance their change-making capabilities.



  1. Monthly Meetings: These meetings will include teaching sessions, discussions on each mountain led by CAPP Conveners and Executive Team.

  2. 30-Day Focus: Each month, participants will engage in a 30-day focus period where they'll dive deep into the mountain of the month. This includes reading, reflection, and practical action steps.

  3. Assignments: Participants will have monthly assignments related to the mountain of focus, encouraging practical application of what they've learned.

  4. Peer Discussions: Group discussions will provide a platform for participants to share insights, challenges, and strategies within their respective mountains.

  5. Mentorship: Participants will have access to CAPP mentors who will guide them through their journey in each mountain.

  6. Resources: Reading materials, videos, and resources from Bill Bright, Os Hillman, Lance Walnau, Johnny Enlow, and other experts will be provided.

  • Equips leaders with a comprehensive understanding of each cultural mountain.

  • Provides practical tools and strategies for effective leadership in diverse contexts.

  • Fosters a supportive community of like-minded leaders.

  • Encourages personal and leadership growth through self-reflection and action planning.

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